Maja Jokic

City: Zagreb, Croatia

Photography came to me at a time when I needed it most - in time when
I didn’t know yet what I want to do in my life...

After graduating from Faculty of Economics and Business my life paths
are taking me in totally different directions (thank God on that) and
while on that journey I discovered photographic medium.

2 years later, I enrolled Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb,
Cinematography department which I finished in 2013. From the
very beginning, I found fashion photography the most interesting.
That was my first love :).
My second love turned out to be photojournalism and documentarism
with which I had my first contact on 1st college year.
And so, while I was dreaming of becoming the next Dorothea Lange
or maybe James Nachtwey, I made a new “discovery” - wedding
photography as the new area in which I can incorporate both.
Anyway, a whole lot of discoveries :).

Today I am so truly blessed to do what I really love and
what am I, at the end of the line, made for...


Engagement session

16388 k

Zagreb, Croatia

up to 3 hours of session on different locations
USB thumb drive with min. 100 high-res edited images
on line gallery

**price does not include travel fees and possible accommodation**