For travelers

Find your best photographer exactly where are you going to.

Use the search engine on site: enter the city you are going to - site will show you all registered professionals. Just select the most interesting one.


You can ask any question about your personal photoshoot. Directly to the photographer. We made a user-friendly messenger on site for you.


Then you find yor best offer and fix all details with photographer make a booking on a site. Pay for the booking and be sure in security of your payment. Fotata guarantees the safety of payments and getting your photos.

Save your emotions.

Enjoy the ride! Save your emotions and unforgettable impressions! And of course share them with the world!

For photographers

Publication are free of charge

Sign up online and get the new way of promotion! Fill in your page, add your best works and your bio. Tell customers more about you. And off course - create special offers.

Receive requests

Communicate with your customers through convenient messenger on the site. Answer the questions and creates an individual offer for the customer.

Confirm the orders

Then you fix all details of shooting with customer - confirm the order in your account. After that your customer gets an invoice form Fotata and make a full pre-payment for booking.Whole sum are keeps at Fotata untill you sent photos to the customer. Then the customer gets a photos, Fotata send you money for shooting minus transaction fee - from 10 to 20%. Please, cosider the Fotata fee in the offer price on the site.


Nothing gonna tells about you better than best photos! Shoot for your customers! Makes great shooting and have fun! Customers rewiev from satisfied clients - the best recommendation for the next one!